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Subject: No Subject
From: Anonymous
Date: Thu Mar 29 12:53:08 2001




variable A string specifying the name of a variable associated with a text
field using dot or slash notation.


Method; focuses the editable text field associated with the specified


Flash 5 or later.

Just generally, I've been surfing the forums a bit recently and have noticed
that the Flash Help is underused. It's not a brilliant repository of
information and can be downright misleading at times, but if you pick a
section hit search and try finding what you're looking for, you'll often
find useful stuff.

It'd certainly be quicker than waiting for an answer from us lot and
additionally, because you're involved in the process of discovering the
information, it is more likely to be retained in your memory (basic learning
theory there).

I'm not getting all huffy or all RTFMy (despite - I admit - a tech support
background) but it's really a useful resource right on your own computer
that I've found to be invaluable in helping me to get to grips with AS.



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