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Subject: [flasher] Flash 4 AS troubles
From: Jules
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 17:11:38 -0000

Hi all. I've got a problem that I've come across before in Flash 4 AS, I was
wondering if anyone has any suggestions / fix / workaround for it

the code I'm using is

Set Variable: "ran" = random (28)
If ("/:"&ran <> 1)
Begin Tell Target ("/squareFall"&ran)
Go to and Play (2)
End Tell Target
End If
Set Variable: "/:"&ran = "1"

This code is called when an object is clicked (a bubble).

There are 27 squareFall movie clips at the root level, each subsequentialy
numbered (squareFall0, squareFall1 etc). The Set varible command at the end
of the code generates a varible at the root called whatever ran is (if ran
=26, then the varible will be called 26). The if command is supposed to
check whether this varible (/:26 for example) equals 1, if so that movie
clip will not be triggered again. Eventually this whole shebang will be put
into a loop, so it keeps going until it finds a number that hasn't been

The problem seems to lie in the if command :If ("/:"&ran <> 1), the
concatinated varible just isn't behaving as I am expecting it too, any

Thanks a lot


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