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Subject: RE: [flasher] Please Help!!!!
From: Paul Willoughby
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 15:31:31 -0000

What does your code look like? Can you give an example of what doesn't work?
Are you using 'loadVariables'? If you are, then whatever is the result of
the ASP call is returned to the Flash movie.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: suzanne Bolton [suzybearatlineone [dot] net (mailto:suzybearatlineone [dot] net)]
> Sent: 28 March 2001 15:09
> To: flasher from chinwag
> Subject: [flasher] Please Help!!!!
> I am trying to build a site in flash that has links to a
> database through
> ASP pages. The site relies upon the return variables sent
> back from the
> database...but no matter what I try it seems to be ignoring
> the information
> sent back???
> Please please can someone help!
> --
> Suzanne Bolton
> Bear Design
> http://www.beardesign.net

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