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Subject: Re: [flasher] Please Help!!!!
From: Gregg Caines
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 07:34:29 -0000

Take a look at the ASP file on it's own and make sure it's loading
a URL-encoded string, just like you would write if it were a plain
text file. Also make sure there are no leading spaces, or carriage

In addition to that, make sure that your movie is waiting in a loop
for the variables to be loaded. If you try to use variables just after
you call loadVariables(), they may not have been loaded yet, and
so will not show up. It's common practice to append loaded=true
to the end of the string so that you know to break the loop when
loaded is set to "true".


Gregg Caines
n e o m e t r i x systems inc.
gcainesatneometrixsystems [dot] com

> I am trying to build a site in flash that has links to a database through
> ASP pages. The site relies upon the return variables sent back from the
> database...but no matter what I try it seems to be ignoring the
> sent back???
> Please please can someone help!
> --
> Suzanne Bolton
> Bear Design
> http://www.beardesign.net

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