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Subject: RE: [flasher] OT: How do I burn a CD without its generic icon?
From: Paul Willoughby
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:11:34 -0000

Hi James,

Is the CD only ever intended for Mac use? If it's going to be used on a PC,
this old post from Muzak should help you:
Q: how do you make a CD autorun with my own icon?

Make a Standalone Projector (.exe) of your Flash movie (File > Publish
settings). Then make an autorun.inf file, in Notepad or any
plain texteditor, with the following two lines in it:


There's no need to specify a drive (e.g. D:\...) but if your Projector file
is not in the root of the CD, you have to specify the
path to the folder it is in. (e.g. open=somefolder\yourfile.exe)
Put both files (yourfile.exe and autorun.inf) on the CD, and that's it.
If you want to use a specific icon for the CD-drive when your CD is
inserted, you can add this line to the autorun.inf file:


I don't know how you'd do this for a Mac CD :(


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> From: James Cutts [jamesatinone [dot] co [dot] uk (mailto:jamesatinone [dot] co [dot] uk)]
> Sent: 28 March 2001 14:56
> To: flasher from chinwag
> Subject: [flasher] OT: How do I burn a CD without its generic icon?
> Hi
> Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to burn a CD
> without its generic icon?
> Toast 4 Deluxe doesnt seem to have this function.
> Also is there a way of burning a CD so that when opened the icons are
> arranged in a certain way eg with the 'click here' icon in
> the centre of the
> window and all the content files out of site?
> Any software must run on a Mac
> Thanks in advance
> J

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