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Subject: Re: [flasher] OT: How do I burn a CD without its generic icon?
From: Ray Broussard
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:38:18 -0000

> Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to burn a CD
> without its generic icon?
> Toast 4 Deluxe doesnt seem to have this function.
> Also is there a way of burning a CD so that when opened the icons are
> arranged in a certain way eg with the 'click here' icon in the centre of the
> window and all the content files out of site?
> Any software must run on a Mac

Try this:

1. Put all of your project's files into an empty hard disk volume or
partition. You can use Toast to create a temporary partition if needed.

1. Copy the icon you want to use for a folder, document or program.

2. From the Finder, select the folder, document or program whose icon you
want to change, select file/get info, select the icon in the upper left and

3, In the finder, arrange all of your project's program, document and folder
icons however you want them in an open volume window. Place that window on
the screen where you want it to be when the user inserts the CD. Leave that
window open when you use toast to burn a "Mac Volume" disc.

Ray Broussard

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