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Subject: Re: [flasher] OT: How do I burn a CD without its generic icon?
From: Brad Bechtel
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:48:01 -0000

>Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to burn a CD
>without its generic icon?

Just set up the icon and layout as you want it to be in your staging
area before burning the CD. Here's a rough guide of how to do it
using Toast 4:

1) Run the lowest supported OS you can on the Mac on which you'll be
burning the CDs. This will ensure that the icons and layout will be
consistent for higher OS versions. If you burn a CD using OS 9.1,
its icons and layout may not be as you expected for a user running OS
2) Launch Toast. Choose Utilities > Create Temporary Partition and
create a temporary disc. Make it large enough to hold all the files
you'll be burning, but not too large (maximum size=640Mb).
3) Quit Toast. When prompted if you want to delete the temporary
partition, choose No. You should now have the temporary partition
mounted on your desktop.
4) Copy the files you want to burn into this temporary partition.
Add an icon, rename the partition, and/or arrange the layout as you
wish. Run Norton Utilities' Disc Doctor on the partition to make
sure everything's kosher.
5) Launch Toast again. Burn the CD from the temporary partition.
6) Test on a different Mac. Swear. Throw that one away. Make the
changes you forgot to make before. Burn again.
7) Repeat until satisified.

You can also use the temporary partition as a Mac-only partition when
making a Mac/ISO Hybrid. This will allow you to have a disc where
only the Mac stuff is visible on a Mac, and the ISO stuff visible on
Windows or other OS versions. Tip: in your Settings, set the Naming
option to Allow Macintosh names for both the Mac and ISO portions of
the disc. This allows long names on both platforms.

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