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Subject: RE: Please Help test my nightmare!!
From: Christopher Schmitt
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 20:36:06 +0100

> Hi Troy,
> > MIME for Flash is now set properly on your server.
> > http://espritmillennium.ml.org/work/Esprit/
> I didn't have time to look at it earlier, I jusy loaded it and checked
> the MIME.
> But now when I went back, in Netscape 3 I get a blank screen.
> In Netscape 4 it comes up with gifs and get shockwave icon.
> Maybe you should get my AllFlash detection script, available June 8.

"This has been a plug of the AllFlash detection script. If this had been a
real emergency, you would have been given a URL with further instructions.
This has been a plug."

:-> Sorry..couldn't resist.


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  Re: Please Help test my nightmare!!, John Croteau

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