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Subject: RE: HIGH Quality PNG files
From: DGL
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 01:33:31 +0100


The images are originally made as either tga's, pcx's or jpg's - and I
can't determine how they are given to me. First, I convert them in
Photoshop - doing nothing special to them, just doing a save as. When I
import the PNG into Flash, it looks great - just like the original as far
as I can tell. The problem seems to occur when I export them to a swf
file. I have tried every combination I can think of, playing with the
smoothing on and off, using lossless vs jpg and adjusting the compression
amount. So far I get the best results from turning smoothing off, and
having it export with jpg compression, and setting that to 100. Even so,
the end product is still noticeably of lower quality than the original, or
the way it looks in Flash before I export the movie.

What I am looking for is to obtain the exact same quality image that I get
when I simply stick an image on a regular html page.

Does this help pinpoint what I'm doing wrong?


Now, on these particular PNG, are you seeing the problem when exporting
from the creation tool, or when importing into Flash, or when exporting
from Flash again for the web browser with some type of secondary
compression settings...?


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  Re: HIGH Quality PNG files, John Croteau

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