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Subject: Re: tell target voodoo
From: David Baldeschwieler
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 04:14:27 +0100


The "Tell target" UI for button and frame actions is designed to display
the instance names of targets that exhist in the timeline during the
"lifetime" of that button or frame. So, to use your example:

Say you have a frame action on [layer 1, frame 10] which is a tell
target, and you want to target a movie clip instance which is on [layer
2, frame 20]. If there is a keyframe on [layer 1, frame 15], then the
"lifetime" of your keyframe with the action attached is from frame
10-14... because at frame 15, that frame gets replaced by a new frame
in the same layer. So therefore, it can not possibly ever send an action
to something on frame 20. The same would be true of a button on [layer
1, frame 10]. The keyframe at frame 15 ends that button's "lifetime" on
the timeline. Does that make sense?

However, in the same case, if you have a frame action on [layer 1, frame
10], and a target on [layer 2, frame 20], and you insert a frame on
[layer 2, frame 15], the action on [layer 1] should STILL be able to see
the target on [layer 2, frame 20], because the span of that [layer 1]
frame action is not interrupted by another frame on [layer 1] before
frame 20.

THis stuff is hard to explain over e-mail. I wish I could draw it out
for you, but hopefully this makes sense. If you are still using the
public beta, you MUST download the new FREE trial version from the MM
web site or get the shipping Flash 3 CD, because there were several
"Tell Target" bugs that were fixed post beta. If you are using the final
version, and you still think you have a bug, send me an e-mail and we'll
take it from there...

Something that's important to remember about "Tell Target" actions is
that an instance which is not currently visible (beneath or left of the
playback head in the timeline) can NOT recieve a tell target command. A
target must be currently visible to the player/plug-in (although not
necessarily to the end user) in order to recieve a tell target action,
even if it is visible to the "Tell Target UI".

Hope that helps!


>Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:57:57 -0700
>From: David Owen <david [dot] owenatsierra [dot] com>
>Subject: tell target voodoo

>This tell target seems to be a very fussy beast. For example:

>If you have a frame action on frame ten and you want to address a target
>(say a movie clip) on frame 20 on the SAME layer, the target instance
>does not appear in the target instances list dialog. (yes, the target
>instance name has been defined)

>However, if the target is on a seperate layer at frame 20 ..AND..there
>is no key frame on either layer between frame 10 and 20, THEN the
>instance name appears in the actions tell target dialog.

>But, if there is a key frame on either layer between frames 10 and 20,
>then once again the target instance does not appear in the dialog.

>Anyone else see this or is it just me?

>If this is the way it is supposed to work....why?


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