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Subject: Re: FLASH: Windows Security
From: Markus Gut
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:09:42 +0100

I guess if you would sign the Flash ActiveX control, IE would ask the
user if (s)he wants to run that ActiveX control. Never done that, don't
ask me how to do =)

> I've been asked about this, told about this and I believe it was
> mentioned briefly on this list. In Windows (I believe ... I don't know
> of this on Mac) if the security level is set high or very high (again,
> don't know the the technical speak) a flash .swf will not be able to
> read. What is this about? One client is wondering what can be done to
> overcome this. Is there an auto detect to see if there is a plugin
> *plus* if the user has security set to high? Have there been any work
> arounds?
> Anyone know what I'm talking about?
> This company is worried about this because the audience they want to
> for are big corporations who probably would have high security set up
> their NT machines, making the site unviewable. Should I just have a
> flash/nonflash entry page? I've been told that this could also lead to
> crash if trying to view the Flash.
> I need some info on this and maybe some other problems that may occur
> general (html, dhtml, java) if security is set high.
> thanks for your time

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  FLASH: Windows Security, Chris

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