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Subject: FLASH: svg info posted
From: Colin Moock
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 04:22:26 +0100

those of you who follow w3c standards at all will probably already be aware
that the w3c is working on a new xml-based vector graphics format called
"svg" or "scalable vector graphics". i did quite a lot of research on it
while attending the w3c's www8 conference (www.www8.org), and have posted the
following material on the topic:


svg: is it flashier than flash?
a discussion of the scope of svg, with comparisons to macromedia's flash
vector format, swf.

svg's features
a list of some of the things svg can do, with references to macromedia flash

what's adobe doing with svg?
a report from adobe's presentation at the 8th annual w3c conference, www8.

svg resources
where to find information about svg.

and it's probably appropriate to point out that macromedia just put up a
discussion of svg and swf in the "standards" section of flash.com under
"active vector media":

(mm did not, however, present at www8)

happy reading...


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