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Subject: FLASH: moock.org launched
From: Colin Moock
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 04:10:59 +0100

hi all,
well i finally mustered up enough energy to register a domain.
announcing the new and improved:
(this replaces colinmoock.iceinc.com)

here's what's new:
*window popup scripts #2 and #3 updated
-users of previous scripts will appreciate the changes i think
-technique 3 is now at version 2.5 (if you're keeping track)

* javascript utopia expanded
-found a little time to fix up the place i keep common javascripts
(pulldowns, rollovers etc)

* new svg info area opened
-(going to post this info separately for those who like organized threads.)

* plus i managed to get a digital camera for long enough to scan some

please, please, if you link to my stuff at all, can you spare a second to
change an href? would be *much* appreciated as the old site will have to come
down soon...

and, as usual, if you see an error or find a bug, let me know so i can keep
the info accurate.



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  Re: FLASH: moock.org launched, Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart

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