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Subject: RE: FLASH: ALCAZAR vs/meets GaBoCorP
From: Kyron
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 04:22:00 +0100

I hope you don't mind me using this to ask you a question. I too am working
on a CD project. I wanted to ask you if you considered the liscensing
options of the flash player and its impact on your project. I assume that
the project isn't going to sold or distributed for sale. If that is true
(or not), are you liscensing the flash player (projector) from Macromedia
for the project?

I am finding it difficult to find out if you need to license the projector
when creating a project on comission.


Brian Boyd

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> Subject: Re: FLASH: ALCAZAR vs/meets GaBoCorP
> I have a site to show but not to the public, and I consider this list the
> public, - any how
> the projector I'm building is strickly for CD and I wouldn't even ask this
> group to
> download a file that size. buy the way, it is being used to market a multi
> million dollar client/server
> solution for the auto companies worldwide. and you know
> something? they love
> it.

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  Re: FLASH: ALCAZAR vs/meets GaBoCorP, John Brzys

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