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Subject: RE: FLASH: Scene works, movie doesnt
From: Judy Miller
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 07:49:26 +0100

When i test the scene I am working on, it works fine, but when i test the
> movie, the scene doesnt work properly,
> Any suggestions?
> >From scene 1 to scene 2, i have go to and stop Frame 1, and i
> have only one
> frmae in scene 2 wih movie clips.
> Please help, sceaming.
> If anyone wants the fla, email me and Ill send it
> ta
> Quack

Hi Quack,
It should work. Is it possible that you have a stop action in the movie clip
that is embedded in scene 2 that you forgot about? And did you remember to
specify scene 2 in your actions palette?


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  FLASH: Scene works, movie doesnt, Quack the Duck

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