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Subject: Re:FLASH: Overall Design Question - mixing flash and html
From: Kath
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 14:54:29 +0100

Hi all!

I've been lurking around here for a few weeks and now I've decided it's
time to stick my toe in this here pool <g>

Jeff (Peterson Sales) wrote ...

>But here's my question and observation. I have viewed quite a lot of
>your sites, and they are ASTOUNDING. But I am just as concerned with
>reaching that 15% that doesn't have Flash and won't install a plug in...
>because of commercial concerns. SO for now, all my sites have to be DUAL
>html and Flash for those who express the desire, and plain html the most

My concern as well.

>This situation makes it seem as if moving between plain html and Flash is
>un-aesthetic, and the norm is full Flash and only flash when a client is
>capable. But I am wondering if this flashy use of Flash should be the
>norm. ::snip::

>So, I am wondering if a better alternative as a low bandwidth norm is to
>use small Flash graphics on html pages, as faster versions of animated
>gifs. I.E., instead of making the whole site Flash enclosed, to use
>Flash as the ornament... So far, most of you pros don't do your sites
>this way, and perhaps that is just because you want to show off your
>capabilities [ and I don't think you are wrong for doing that!].
>But for average clients's sites, I would think faster loading, low
>bandwidth flash graphics might just make regular html pages zoom... And
>that mixing small flash graphics on regular html pages will allow the
>more normal and less time consuming html link navigation [especially for
>pages that are text oriented and informational].
>Does this rambling make sense to anyone, or am I just out in left field?

Makes sense to me Jeff because I've been wondering the same thing.

I'm a one woman web design team at a company that imports/distributes wine.
The majority of the people surfing our site are primarily looking for
information. They're internet newbies for the most part and barely
computer literate.

(One of our VP's asked me if I could do a mass mailing to our suppliers
through the web site - not through e-mail, but through the web site ::groan::)

I've been thinking of adding a Flash intro to my redesign of the site and
maybe a few flash touches added into regular HTML pages just to make it
more interesting, but I'm also thinking that Flashing the whole site would
be too much of a good thing.

Personally, I'm excited about the possibilities of Flash and the doors it
opens, but I think we all have to consider the industries we're designing
for. Are they ready to step into the next dimension (which btw - is how
*I* think of Flash)? Are they ready to fly with us, when they've barely
learned to walk?

I've been hanging around the internet for a little over 11 years and I've
been making web pages for 5. I take so much of what I see and do for
granted, that I'm astonished when I talk to people who've never even see
the web. People who don't use computers except for spreadsheets and word
processing. People who *do* own a computer, but who have their resolutions
set at 640 x 480/256 colors because that's the way it came out of the box.
And I'm totally astounded when I realize how many of them there are. It
boggles my mind, sometimes. (actually my mind is boggled most times - but
that's a whole 'nuther story!)

So I talked them (my bosses) into buying the program, but I'm hesitant
about using it to its full potential. I just don't think they're ready,
and yet at the same time I'm thinking it's my obligation to lead them along
a path to make them ready. I'm just wondering how fast I should bring them

This is a little intro I made to introduce our new logo (my first attempt
at Flash - so please be gentle if you check it - well, at least don't throw
things at me <g>). I'm going to use it to test the waters. If the
reaction is good, perhaps I'll rethink my position.


So I'm with you Jeff. Anyone want to tackle this philosophical topic or
should we go back to the Friday night fights? I hear round 2 of Russ vs
Alcazar is on the bill. (btw - my money's on Russ <g>)

Kath the Cyber Kat ...
(cyberkatatcybernex [dot] net)

"Imagination is intelligence at play"
Winebow Inc - http://www.winebow.com
The Home of Cyberkat! - http://www.cyber-kat.com

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