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Subject: Re: FLASH: Overall Design Question - mixing flash and html
From: nickolas c
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 15:06:58 +0100

> So, I am wondering if a better alternative as a low bandwidth norm is to
> use small Flash graphics on html pages, as faster versions of animated
> gifs. I.E., instead of making the whole site Flash enclosed, to use
> Flash as the ornament... So far, most of you pros don't do your sites
> this way, and perhaps that is just because you want to show off your
> capabilities [ and I don't think you are wrong for doing that!].

The company I work for produced a marketing CD-ROM for a client. They wanted
a 'mirror' web site that can be updated to use in tandem/instead of the CD.

Anyway, the CD contains loads of video and stuff, so a re-think was required
for the web site. There are two sites - the usual Flash/HTML pair. The flash
site actually uses hundreds of small flash movies, and (I think) absolutely
nothing big. So it is exactly the sort of thing you describe. Haven't looked
for a while, but I think the two versions load almost equally quickly.

Mind you, it isn't as 'Flash' as the stuff usually showcased here, but it is
a serious business marketing tool, and does not need to be the glorious
shiny shop window that the wizards here produce ;-)


ps, the site is at www.ndc.co.uk if you want a peek. Don't expect to stay
awake too long though............

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