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Subject: FLASH: Flash to HTML and back
From: Kath
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 15:22:26 +0100

Hi again,

I've a question this time - probably a strange question :-)

On my own site (Home of Cyber Kat) I've had the same intro for some time,
using meta refresh to pull people into my "house." The house graphic is
one I made in Corel Photopaint ages ago, but I really like it - I've a
"thing" for old Victorian houses.

I've redone the house image as a vector graphic in Corel Draw (I know it's
heresy, but I actually prefer Corel to Adobe - ::ducking multiple
projectiles::). It took forever because it's quite complex, but I'm rather
pleased with the result ::patting self on the back::

I brought it into Photopaint and converted it to a .jpg to use in a
redesign of the intro. Now I've discovered Flash and I want to use a lot
of it in my redesign - buuut I know that Flash is going to chew up that
house and spit it out, no matter what I do.

If I bring it into Flash as a raster image, when I export the .fla it's
going to lose all the detail I worked so hard to include - not to mention
that, uncompressed, it's a huge file. If I bring it in as a vector image,
I'll lose all my gradients and recreating them in Flash will take forever

So here's what I've been thinking about, but I haven't a clue whether it
will work.

I thought of doing a little Flash - zooming in on my sign (I can redo the
current one as a vector in flash, then a distant view of the house (as a
small .jpg in Flash) then I can use "get URL" to bring in an HTML file of
the house image. I'm thinking perhaps I can use a meta refresh tag in the
HTML page to get the rest of my movie.

What do you think? Has anyone tried this? If it works I think it has some
interesting possibilities re: combining Flash movies and HTML in a
(somewhat?) seamless fashion.

Kath the Cyber Kat ...
(cyberkatatcybernex [dot] net)

"Imagination is intelligence at play"

Winebow Inc - http://www.winebow.com
The Home of Cyberkat! - http://www.cyber-kat.com

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