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Subject: FLASH: Overall Design Question - mixing flash and html
From: Jefferis
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 17:30:48 +0100

Nigel wrote:
>Ah ! Wine ! Now this is something I like.
>About your comments, in no special order.
>First I would loose the Flash intro, not because it's a bad idea de per
>si, but I think it's wrong work flow management.
>Let's take your site as is. 100% html with graphics that are easily
>redone in Illustrator or Freehand, if they didn't already come from one
>of these programs. This would be my starting point for a redesign.
>Instead of investing time on a Flash intro I would apply this time in
>creating a first page where I would either place a Flash auto detection
>script or a user guided choice alternative. Leaving the existing site
>for the non Flash users, I would start by replacing all graphical
>elements with Flash based elements. One area that just cries out for
>Flash is the left hand side menu bar system.

ahh Nigel, but there's the rub: flash detection at this point is
unreliable. I find it out all the time using IE 4.5 for the Mac.

I agree that this would be the perfect solution if we could get it to
Along with detecting dhtml, css and all the other capabilities or lack

I know it can be done for the latter items, but where do you draw the
compatibility line when you are trying to reach even the low end for a
commerce site????

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  Re: FLASH: Overall Design Question - mix, Nigel Randsley-Pena

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