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Subject: Re: FLASH: Overall Design Question - mixing flash and html
From: Nigel Randsley-Pena
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 18:16:09 +0100


'flash detection at this point is unreliable. I find it out all the time
using IE 4.5 for the Mac '

Glad you brought this up. IE is a broken product, it does not work, but
sadly it's usable and used. Plus I suspect that the company the produces
IE, just can't remember it's name right now, has a secret agenda
vis-a-vis Mac. Simply place an even more broken version of IE on Mac's
so it will give ammo for the anti-Mac crowd.
As a professional developer I try to cater for all situations Mac-IE
included, even if this represents adding hours to a project. When
attempting a universal detection script one must always know where to
stop, or else you'll find yourself in search of the perpetual motion
So the problem is where to stop and how to stop gracefully. Gracefully
stopping with MAC-IE is detecting this combo, easy, then asking the user
if Flash is installed or not, after you have informed him that his
specific platform does not allow for correct detection. If everyone did
this it would be one big step towards user awareness that a problem
exists, and once you get that kind of awareness the people responsible
for the broken products start to worry.


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  FLASH: Overall Design Question - mixing , Jefferis

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