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Subject: Re: FLASH: quicktime in flash
From: Chris
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 22:16:31 +0100

Wow ... well that gives me a start. One more thing ... this is only for Flash 4, correct?

Thanks again

Brad Bechtel wrote:

> When you import a QuickTime movie into Flash, the movie file does not become part of the Flash file. Instead, Flash maintains a pointer to the source file. You can scale, rotate, and animate a QuickTime movie in Flash. You can play and set the path of the movie in the Library.
> Within the Flash movie, you add the number of frames you need to display the QuickTime movie. You can then use your standard Flash navigation features to move around within the Flash movie. As you do so, the appropriate QuickTime frame will be displayed. If you add key frames to the layer that the QuickTime movie is on, it will force the QuickTime movie to restart from frame 1.

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