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Subject: Re: FLASH: quicktime in flash
From: Brad Bechtel
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 21:09:04 +0100

Does this answer your questions? If not, please let me know what you're trying to do.

Flash QA

When you import a QuickTime movie into Flash, the movie file does not become part of the Flash file. Instead, Flash maintains a pointer to the source file. You can scale, rotate, and animate a QuickTime movie in Flash. You can play and set the path of the movie in the Library.

Within the Flash movie, you add the number of frames you need to display the QuickTime movie. You can then use your standard Flash navigation features to move around within the Flash movie. As you do so, the appropriate QuickTime frame will be displayed. If you add key frames to the layer that the QuickTime movie is on, it will force the QuickTime movie to restart from frame 1.

QuickTime publish settings (only available if you have QuickTime 4)

The QuickTime publish option creates movies in the QuickTime 4 format. When Flash creates a QuickTime file, it copies the Flash movie on a separate track. The Flash movie plays in the QuickTime movie exactly as it does in the Flash Player, retaining all of its interactive features. If the Flash movie contains a QuickTime movie, Flash copies it to a separate track in the new QuickTime file.

Use the controls in the QuickTime panel of the Publish Settings dialog box to change the following settings:

Dimensions Sets the size of the exported QuickTime movie to the number of pixels you enter in the Width and Height fields. If you turn on Match Movie, the entries in the Width and Height fields have no effect and Flash makes the new movie the same size as the Flash movie.

Alpha Determines the alpha (transparency) mode of the Flash track in the QuickTime movie. Note that this does not affect any alpha settings within the Flash movie itself. The choices are as follows:

-Alpha Transparent makes the Flash track transparent. Any content in tracks behind the Flash track are visible.
-Copy makes the Flash track opaque. All content in tracks behind the Flash track is masked.
-Auto makes the Flash track transparent if it is on top of any other tracks, but makes it opaque if it is the bottom track, or the only track in the movie.

Layer Defines where the Flash track will be placed in the QuickTime movie. The choices are as follows:

-Top always places the Flash track on top of other tracks in the QuickTime movie.
-Bottom always places the Flash track behind other tracks.
-Auto places the Flash track in front of other tracks if there are Flash object in front of video objects within the Flash movie. Otherwise, it places the Flash movie behind all other tracks.

Streaming Sound Makes Flash export all of the streaming audio in the Flash movie to a QuickTime sound track. It recompresses the audio using the standard QuickTime audio settings. Click Audio Settings to change these options. See the QuickTime documentation for a description.

Controller Specifies the type of QuickTime controller used to play the exported movie. The choices are None, Standard, or QuickTime VR.

Looping Determines whether or not the QuickTime movie loops continuously.

Pause At Start Specifies whether or not the QuickTime movie starts automatically when it is opened.

Play Every Frame Makes QuickTime shows every frame of the movie without skipping to maintain time. When this option is set in a QuickTime movie, sound is not played.

Flatten (Make Self-Contained) Combines the Flash content and imported video content into the new QuickTime movie. When this option is not set, the new QuickTime movie references the imported files externally; these files must be present for the movie to work properly.

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