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Subject: Re: FLASH: Question about Load Movie and Tell Target
From: Dorian Nisinson
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 04:04:29 +0100

Hi Judy,
I always make a movie/movie clip diagram when I start a project that
looks in any way complicated. (and sometimes even when it's not
I start at the bottom with a main movie box with small squares inside
that box for each MC placed on the main timeline.
Next I draw a box on the next highest row for each of those movie clips
and draw a line from the main movie small box to the second row movie
clips.- I put the movie clip name and the instance name under each box
and any buttons in those movie clips are noted down too.
I continue this for every movie clip or loaded movie in the movie. I
also note the actions in each mc and any special notes that relate to
those actions. The basic diagram form is similar to the one I used for
my Tell Target tutorial diagram. The URL for that is in my sig file.
I've found this procedure helps enormously, especially if I am working
on several things at once. Is this the kind of thing you were looking


Judy Miller wrote:

> thank you both for responding
> >

> One of the things I found with Flash is that it is all too easy to get lost
> in what I am doing. When I start having movie clips within clips and
> everything is tell targeting everything else....and I put it down for a
> couple of weeks, I go back and it takes a while. I am thinking, what the
> hell did I do? Oh yeah......
> There must be some organizational gimmicks, and certain ways of doing these
> preload load movies into movies etc, that make it alot more cleaner, and
> easier to follow, as well as modify in the future.
> Anyone care to share on some of these methods? God, I love shop talk.
> Judy

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  RE: FLASH: Question about Load Movie and, Judy Miller

  RE: FLASH: Question about Load Movie and, Judy Miller

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