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Subject: RE: FLASH: Question about Load Movie and Tell Target
From: Judy Miller
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 01:50:25 +0100

Marc wrote:
> I would add to Dorian's response that there's the issue of sharing library
> elements. A loaded movie must have its own library, and therefore may be
> duplicating (downloading a second time) elements already in the first
> movie. But, as Dorian says, the primary consideration will be whether the
> user can request large chunks of content in random order, in which case
> LoadMovie saves having to download it all at once.

thank you both for responding
> With either method, a movie clip or a movie that is downloaded
> can start in
> a blank, stopped frame. It will continue to load but will not
> display until
> TellTarget tells it to Play. So really the choice is between Load
> Movie and
> using Movie Clips (not TellTarget, which may be used in either case), and
> preloading is possible with either method.

Oops, sorry I meant movie clips. So you are saying I can call a movie clip
to load in, before I actually need to use it? Cool, I never thought of that.
I have done everything so far using movie clips and usually having a clip
that just handles the tell target actions between all the movie clips, but I
started wondering what the advantages of load movie might be.

Is there a preferred method of doing this? I would like the movie to preload
unnoticed. One of the things I really don't like are preloaders that are
blatent preloaders (personal preference here). I figure, since Flash
streams, there must be ways to do this efficiently without seeing "loading"
all over the place. I like sites also that use animations, or little
factoids instead of loading circles as a preloader. No offence please, just
personal opinion again.

One of the things I found with Flash is that it is all too easy to get lost
in what I am doing. When I start having movie clips within clips and
everything is tell targeting everything else....and I put it down for a
couple of weeks, I go back and it takes a while. I am thinking, what the
hell did I do? Oh yeah......

There must be some organizational gimmicks, and certain ways of doing these
preload load movies into movies etc, that make it alot more cleaner, and
easier to follow, as well as modify in the future.

Anyone care to share on some of these methods? God, I love shop talk.


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