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Subject: Re: FLASH: pteradactyl strikes again (this time for good)
From: Larry Eisenstein
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 05:31:38 +0100

Cloe wrote
>Did you see yourself on TV. None of the Flash
>Gurus noticed they were featured on my site. Re: slowness of the shape tween.
> I did it with as few frames as I could. I think it has to do with the music
>coming in at the same time.

Wohhhh baby. Actually the TV was flawless. The tweens were good and tweeny.
No one probably mentioned it because >blush< it was too sweet.
Thanks for putting me on TSN. Is the contract in the mail. Oops Ted Turner just bought the word art.

I'd try working with the painting tools in Flash. Many on this list seem to say Blow on Illustrator and use Flash's
native doo dads . Works for me. Actually it keeps me from trying anything too adventurous and
being humbled by more powerful programs. Since a path to me is somewhere I lost my lunch money in
grade 5, and a mask is what saved me my front teeth in the all-canadian hockey wars of my youth
I'm in love with all the easy point and click line dragging in Flash. Tracing is a real help. Auto or by hand.

Guru..? If that's a spicy New York sandwich I'm close. Bye Dinogirl.


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