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Subject: Re: FLASH: StarWars Scroll
From: Chris
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 18:50:19 +0100

Jeremy Romero wrote:

> Warning Newbie Answering this question: (Maybe a better way then I am
> suggesting)
> Off the top of my head I would think you could use a large plain and use a
> black to transparent gradient on it Black at the top....
> Put this on your top layer....
> Your text I would guess would be individual lines....
> And I believe you can distort (skew) the letters from right to middle..and
> then from left to middle
> on each line....
> All text should be under the gradient layer....
> As you tween the text up the screen tween in becoming smaller...

Actually, an easier method than distorting and tweening each line would be to
make a Movie Symbol of all the text scrolling from bottom to top. Now that that
text (MC) is in the Library drag it onto your stage and now distort it into
perspective ... saving hassle and hairpulling of trying to tween the

The black to transparent is a good idea .... *but* (now this is just a different
way not a better way) if you want the stars to still appear where the black is
either have the stars over the black or simply instead, put a gradient mask over
the text thus scrolling from clear to faded.

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