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Subject: FLASH: Calendar (was forgotten thread - shift-click??)
From: Nathan Dicken
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 14:03:14 +0100


As was mentioned in another response, you can't monitor the Shift key being
pressed in Flash, but you can specify other keys to do the same function.
The interesting part in this comes when tying to monitor the key release,
which isn't built into Flash but you can mimic it... Check out the
following demo and let me know if that's close to what you're thinking of.
You can use the TAB key in place of the Shift key for now to span between
dates (just press TAB before clicking)...


Right now, if you switch months, it loses the data that is stored in the
days from the previous month, but that could be changed fairly easily just
based on how the data is stored.

The format above is esentially a key press, then click your start/end dates
type format. In answer to your question regarding passing the mouse
actions to subsequent mc's in a click-and-drag format, once one button has
been activated (Press, Roll Over, etc.), that is the only button that can
be activated. Esentially, what you'd need to do is set the start date on
pressing and releasing the mouse (maybe hold the press using a delay) and
then any adjacent rollovers can be activated after that. You'd need to
include some script or checking to make sure which direction from the start
date you are rolling over and only add dates to the highlighted one if they
are one date further in that direction.

Hope this helps...
Nathan Dicken

>hi nathan,
>I was trying to do a click'n'drag to select a range but for some reason
>couldn't get the mouse actions sent to the subsequence MC's? was almost
>about to give up :(
>any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  Re: FLASH: Calendar (was forgotten threa, Nathan Dicken

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