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Subject: Re: FLASH: animation poser
From: Markus Joos
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 15:23:29 +0100

Hi ALbie,
what you have to do is to create a seperate layer for each star. Then add
guide layers to each of
the layers. Copy the guide from your first layer and paste it in place
(ctrl+shift+v) in the other
guide layers. Then you should relocate the frames of the other star/guide
layers so that they
appear sucessivly. You also might need to cut the motion guide for each
sucessive star.
For flash sites check out macromedia's tech note 12046 at
http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ - they have a list of helpful
Hope that helps.
* Markus Joos (Dipl. Psych.)
* Dresden University of Technology
* joosyatpsy1 [dot] psych [dot] tu-dresden [dot] de


> Hi there!
> I'm a Flash newbie so please forgive me if this is query is a little too
> basic to be posted. I'm trying to build a Flash page for my Company's
> site. What I'd like to do is display our logo in the centre of the page
> and then have a line of stars scroll in from the right hand side of the
> and then arc round the logo to form a framing semi-circle around it.
> 2 layers and a motion guide, I've managed to achieve this for one star but
> how do I get more stars to follow the same guide? Is this the best way
> go about this? Does anyone have any useful sites for me to learn more
> advanced Flash techniques?
> Your help is very much appreciated!
> Albie Attias
> IT Manager

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