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Subject: Re: FLASH: Formatting for external text.
From: Matt Wobensmith
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 17:52:39 +0100

Hi Mark -

You wrote:

>is there any way that text from an externally linked *.txt
>file can be formatted in any way. e.g. line breaks, bold etc.

You can specify a line break in your text file by using the proper escape
character for this (%0A). More on escape characters in a bit.

In Flash 4, when loading text data, there is no way to specify text
formatting like you mentioned. A text field can only have one style of text.
If you bold or colorize any text inside a text field in the author time, it
will preserve that text formatting for any text that gets loaded into it,
uniformly. The whole text field will reflect this style.

Currently, the ability to replace text and specify rich text formatting is
the domain of Generator.

>If not, does external text/variables have to link to a *.txt file or can you
>link to another type of file like a *.doc for example?

A .doc file is proprietary to Microsoft Word and contains more info than
just a plain .txt file. This file type is likely to not work properly. The
best way to do this is via a plain text (.txt) file. Additionally, if you
use special characters (non-alphanumeric, or characters with accents) you
will need to URL encode them (aka, "escape characters"). A chart with all of
these is located here:

URL Encoding: Reading special characters from a text file
TN 14143

Let us know if you have more questions about this.


Matt Wobensmith
Macromedia Tech Support
Flash Team Lead

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