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Subject: Re: FLASH: sound on/off: clarification
From: Marc Hoffman, Poison Dart Frog Media
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 19:17:26 +0100

At 09:06 PM 5/29/2000 , you wrote:

>To deal with all sounds in the movie, you probably don't want them all
>turned on again at once. You could create a 2-frame movie clip. Let's give
>it the instance name "music clip master." In the second frame is nothing
>but a stop action. In the first frame is a nested movie clip that contains
>all the sounds in your movie. Let's give it the instance name "music
>clip." Its first frame is blank except for a stop action. Each of the
>following frames contains: 1) a different sound, with sync set to "start;"
>2) a stop action; 3) a unique label. There should also be a blank frame at
>the start of the nested movie clip. To play a sound, use tell target to
>make "music clip" go to the associated frame where the desired sound is
>located. To disable all sounds, tellTarget "music clip master" to go to
>its second frame -- this will make all the TellTargets to "music clip"
>fail, since "music clip" will no longer be current in the path.

I should have remembered to add that TellTargeting a movie clip to go to a
frame that holds a sound is not really a good idea, because the sound is
sometimes skipped. You should modify the above scheme so that the labeled
frame is actually one or two frames before the sound and contains a Play
action. You could then place a Stop action at or just after the sound
actually appears in the timeline.

Also, on second thought, you might want the second frame of "music clip
master" to have a Stop All Sounds action to mute all current sounds.

Marc Hoffman

Poison Dart Frog Media
Flash portfolio: http://www.dartfrogmedia.com/portfolio

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