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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT: Wacom Intuos tablet
From: Garret Parsons2
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 14:38:09 +0000 (GMT)

Title: Re: FLASH: OT: Wacom Intuos tablet
Hi Flashers,
I just bought a Wacom Intuos tablet, and find that Adobe photoshop/Imageready won't recognise my tablets pressure when I draw. I have copied the pressure plugin included with the tablet into the plugins folder of photoshop 4.0 and Imagready, but it still won't work. I've even tried re-installing Imageready, and getting the latest drivers for the tablet from the Wacom site, but I still can't draw with any pressure sensitivity at all! AAhhh! However - I DO get pressure-sens drawing inside flash, which is why I can't figure this out.
Can someone out there give me any advice on this?

Hi Chris,

Adobe ImageReady  dose not support  sensitive pens, Adobe Photoshop® 5.0 dose. If you have Photoshop you have to turn the pressure on and off for each tool.

Hope this helps


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