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Subject: Re: FLASH: no sound in a symbol?
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 17:02:00 +0000 (GMT)

Alice D. wrote:

> Hello,
> Do sounds NOT work in symbols? If I insert a sound into a scene it
> works, but if I do the same in a symbol which is in the same scene it
> doesn't work. Does that mean I can't incorporate sounds into symbols
> only scenes?
> Thank you.
> Alice D.

Sounds dont work in animated symbols, but they do in movie clips. I rarely
use animated
symbols over MCs, unless they're in the MC. Everything on my main timeline
is a MC.

However this can get complicated depending on what your trying to achieve.
creating MCs
and using the only frames necessary to animate is the most efficient way to
go, but to do this you uaually need to add blank MCs with just action
keyframes for pauses in animations. File size is decreased because the blank
MCs hold no graphics. This is the best way Ive found to keep file size down,
but depending on the outcome, it is much more time consuming in getting the
shematic to work like I want it. However, it pays for itself in file size
and makes your animations much more interactive.


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  FLASH: no sound in a symbol?, Alice D.

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