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Subject: Re: FLASH: The Evolution of this Mailing List
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 07:16:13 +0000 (GMT)

> >the manual included with Flash. As a technical writer, I can give my
> >endorsement to Macromedia's manual writing department. They have
> >assembled
> >an above average manual and an excellent on-line help system. Most
> >people
> >who pony up the $300 for Flash would do well to read it.
> >I thought the main purpose of this mailing list (or any other developer
> >list

Well this thread went on and just begged for my 2 cents. With all due respect,
Id like to add that being a writer is different then being a reader, especially
when it comes to technical
information. Its kinda like seeing a piece of artwork and getting a different
impression than
another viewer. I have to admit the lessons given even with Flash2 demo where
great, but the revised version to 3 is much more powerful in its application and
with the addition of Tell target routines, Movie clips and level control, Flash
is almost a totally different program.
Im sorry to see that MM didnt create more "mouse point and click", "video-like"
swfs to
teach these new applications more effectively. It is still just as static as
Flash2's tuts.

I can also see that ordering on-line gives a void to how the software works, but
I thought
you could also have MM send you the package including manual.

IMHO, the bottom line is; this IS an OPEN list and any question is a question to
someone promote our developing interest and the more interest, the more
attention to our

This doesnt mean Im for people who take advantage of other people's time and
dont at least
learn the basics of the program.

Its funny though, a question usually arises from someone who hasnt tried a
certain technique or needed something until now and whats a simple conclusion to
one is not to the other, even to the up and coming "gurus"<g> I think it just
depends on what your trying next.

Try asking a "new" question on a 3DMax developer's list. FLash is nothin'!


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