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Subject: Re: FLASH: The Evolution of this Mailing List
From: Garret Parsons2
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 02:37:40 +0000 (GMT)

>the manual included with Flash. As a technical writer, I can give my
>endorsement to Macromedia's manual writing department. They have
>an above average manual and an excellent on-line help system. Most
>who pony up the $300 for Flash would do well to read it.
>I thought the main purpose of this mailing list (or any other developer

Not that I don't agree with some of your comments, but I thought you might
want to know that when I bought my version of flash on line I never received
any printed manuals or a CD. I have the program and that's it. As far as I
can tell that's how you receive Flash on-line.

Where I do think that answering rudimentary questions about Flash is a waste
of time on this list.
And anyone asking for bailout out help is not helpful to anyone but them

But it dose concern me that the line between benign helpful or just plain
snotty or arrogant Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have been on too many
list that assume you now very little if you ask what they consider to be a
simple question. I have asked questions in the past that was meet with
considerable destine and rudeness.

I think that posting a FAQ and giving some guides to what the group thinks
is a rudimentary question and what is an excitable question for the list to
answer. The rest is ignored and the administer sends them or points them to
the FAQs or guide lines. But to arbitrarily decide what to allow on this
list or to waste time on the list complaining about it in stead of benign
proactive is not to smart.

I for one would like to keep this a open list, not a closed list.

Sorry for the rant, this one bugged me. Seams to against what I thought the
Net is all about?


If you are always looking behind your back,
how can you see what's right in front of you.

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  Re: FLASH: The Evolution of this Mailing, David Gary

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