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Subject: FLASH: Syncing Sound + other lame questions
From: william myers
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:45:42 +0000 (GMT)

hey guys,
first off- I have three tracks that I created for a web page, 1 drum track
and two synth tracks. They are the same tempo etc,except the drum track is
4 bars that loops and the synth tracks are supposed to come in 'over' the
drum track when a button is moused over.
Is there anyway to sync the synth tracks to the drum track? I would like to
sync them to the nearest bar of music but would settle for syncing them to
each loop of drum track, (so even though there could be a delay depending on
where the drum loop was when the button was moused over, at least the two
tracks wouldnt be off-beat)?
Also, what is the best way to set the drum track to loop? in a frame
action, (on the last frame to go to frame 1) or in the sound tab (loop =
100 etc)?
would one way or the other make for a larger file?



(I bet that was as clear as mud)

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