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Subject: FLASH: Complex Sound Controller
From: filmpostman
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 17:58:02 GMT

Hi everybody,

I have a question related to a sound controller I'm having a few bugs with.

My MC has a number of different music loops I control with Sound Start and Stop actions. This is placed in the movie so that when the user moves between parts of the timeline using 'Go To' different music loops play.

I would like to create a conditional action that checks to see whether the user has the sound on or off - that is, I want to check at what label or frame it is in the Sound Controller MC.

So for example if they have selected music off in one part and they move to another part then the music remains off.

Can the 'If' conditional action be used in this instance? What would be the correct syntax to check at what frame or label it is within the Sound Controller MC?


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