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Subject: Re: FLASH: Store internal variable
From: Erik 'Gearik' Mattheis
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 23:32:00 GMT

Assuming you're going to "set the frame" of the clip from elsewhere in the
movie ...

Seems like you could acheive this by ...

reaking up the movie clips into as many clips as there are frames in the

making the first frame of each of the clips blank

putting an invisible button in each movie clip that sends it to the third
frame of that movie clip for your over state
and sends it back to the second
frame in the off state

>Is it possible to store a variable, such as a frame number, inside of Flash?
>My scenario:
>I want to set the frame of an MC and when a user rolls over the MC it
>changes frames and when they roll off of the MC I want to get back to that
>previously set frame.

David Couet
Motion One, Inc.


What I want to know is am I banging my head on a sealed door by trying to
duplicate the effect of having two tell target events fired by the same on
Mouse Event in the same button??? A yes or no answer would suffice. DON'

Erik "Gearik " Mattheis

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  FLASH: Store internal variable, David Couet

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