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Subject: Re: FLASH: Store internal variable
From: John Croteau
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 03:10:30 GMT

Hi David,

> Is it possible to store a variable, such as a frame number,
> inside of Flash?
Yes, you can store information in a Movie Clip, but only if you can
contemplate all the potentail possibilities first. There are several
methods you can use. Below is one.

For a random access Set and Get Movie Clip (using Nested MCs) you need a
labeled frame for each possibility assigned a frame inside a Movie Clip.
For each position you need a nested Movie Clip that has the Action you
will want performed. Each Nested Movie Clip will have the same Instance

So to set the Movie Clip you Tell Target the Movie Clip to the correct
To poll the Movie Clip and have it perform the desired action you Tell
Target the Nested Movie Clip.

A Nested Movie Clip is a Movie Clip 'Nested' or placed inside another
Movie Clip. To Tell Target a nested Movie Clip both the Host Movie Clip
and its Child must both have Instance Names. For instance give the Main
Storage Movie Clip an Instance Name of 'SaveFrame' and each nested Movie
Clip an Instance Name of 'Return'.

Tell Target /SaveFrame
Go to and Stop Frame16
End Tell Target

Poll (Get):
Tell Target /SaveFrame/Return
Go to and Play.
End Tell Target

> I want to set the frame of an MC and when a user rolls over the MC it
> changes frames and when they roll off of the MC I want to get back to that
> previously set frame.
Yes, this is quite possible. The above is just one method of storing and
getting information in Flash.
Standaed rules of Movie Clips apply such as the Movie Clip must exist
continuously and you can't use Scenes.

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  FLASH: Store internal variable, David Couet

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