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Subject: FLASH: Re: OT: I need help finding a host
From: Andy Lim
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 14:47:41 GMT

>>I thought that you guys could help me out with this one. I am looking for
>>a place to start hosting the sites I design. I am looking for some place
>>pretty cheap.. The one place that I found that fit this category is
>>http://www.ibwh.com/resellers/default.htm. 12 dollars a month and a one
>>time setup fee. The only problem is that their customer service is
>>terrible and the president griped at me for being upset when I didn't get
>>a response
>>from the 4 letters I sent the sales department. I know you get what you
>>pay for, but I can not afford much. Please help, Joey

Has anyone checked out http://Mailbank.com ?
One-time setup fee of US$20, yearly US$5
includes domain name (subdomain), website space (5MB) and matching 1 email
Choose from tens of thousands of pre-registered domain names.
Of course, you have a more limited choice, and you'll get subdomains rather
than whole domains to yourself.
But it serves the purpose for smaller businesses and personal sites.

Andy Lim


Web Kingdom

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