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Subject: Re: FLASH: NewSouth.com
From: Aaron Cushing
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:12:20 +0100

>I've posted a new Flash animation at http://www.newsouth.com and would
>welcome any and all comments.
>Jake Breeden

Like your illustration style and the concept is great. I'd experiment with
other fonts. The font you've used is "almost" right, but it seems a little
too clean for the style. Some sound would really spice things up, but it
would be tricky (impossible) to keep your file size at 17kB with a pile of
sounds. Your animation runs pretty hard on my machine (but MOST things do)
-- Mac PPC9500 64mB RAM, NN5.06 If you could clean up the speed a little,
add some sounds, and fix your font, you'd have a great intro for your site.
Keep doing good work like this.


Aaron Cushing, New Media Engineer
Crescent Studios "We Deliver"

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  FLASH: NewSouth.com, Jacob Breeden

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