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Subject: RE: FLASH: screen captures
From: David Owen
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 00:47:10 +0100

Actually bumping up jpeg to 100% does not result in a lossless or even near
lossless bitmap. After considerable testing I have found that the 100%
setting does not give you the same quality jpeg that you would expect from a
similar setting in Photoshop or Debabilizer.

If you want the best possible looking bitmap then use the Lossless setting.
Beware that there is a hefty size penalty to pay for this. Jpegs are always

A note about bitmap compression: the nature of your image makes a big
difference in how it will appear after jpeg compression. An image with a lot
of noise (lots of changes in the image) will fare much better than one that
has soft gradients and subtle changes. This is especially true with Flash

* Owen *

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> From: lenhatabtcorp [dot] com
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> Sent: Monday, September 28, 1998 2:24 PM
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> Subject: RE: FLASH: screen captures
> Check your JPG quality level which defaults to 50. Bump it up to 100 to
> not
> lose anything and ensure the biggest possible file size. Find the best fit
> for quality vs. file size from there. Depending on the complexity of your
> screens, you might try the trace bitmap option in Flash to convert them to
> vector. You can sometimes reduce file size that way. With proper settings
> Flash does a very faithful conversion.
> len harrison
> instructional designer
> lenhatabtcorp [dot] com

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