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Subject: Re: FLASH: screen captures
From: David Gary
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 05:20:17 +0100

Curtis Bay wrote:

> With most screen shots you'll be better off sizewise and qualitywise by
> letting Flash do its best compression job on the bitmap as it is.
> Double-click your screen capture in the Library. Deselect "Allow
> smoothing" and change your "Export as" setting to Lossless.
> Export the movie and, using your size report, compare the size of the
> lossless compression with the JPEG. In most situations you will a a huge
> improvement in size without losing any image quality.
> Curtis

I found this to be untrue in most cases. Setting photographic images to
"lossless" (reguardless of "smoothing") increases the file size tremendously
95% of the time.
Even at 8bit they "look" better but are usually 3 times the file size when
in swf format.


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  RE: FLASH: screen captures, Curtis Bay

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