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Subject: Re: FLASH: output textfield size
From: Randy Kato
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:28:55 +0100


Mad Libs! I love it, but I do see your problem...

Maybe you can approximate the size by getting the string length of the user input, multiplying it by an average letter width, and then adjust things accordingly -- a fixed-width font would make this more accurate, but
might not look as nice as you want.

Too bad text fields won't dynamically resize according to their content.


davo wrote:

> hello all,
> I'm having a bit of a mare....I'm trying to create a 'game' in which players input details ( eg name, fave colour etc) at the beginning which are then placed into text fields within a story, making it personalized.
> The problems i have is:
> I believe the text fields need to have a predetermined size. If i make this, say, 8 characters and the player only inputs four characters, when the text is output to the story there is a big space after the word.
> I need the output text field to be the length of the word and for the static text (the story) to continue on from the end and wrap down the page.
> I explained this pretty badly i think....I've done an example of what my problem is at
> http://davo.e.tripod.com/nowhere/test.htm
> check it out...it looks awful.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated....or if it's impossible i'd be better to know now.

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