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Subject: FLASH: output textfield size
From: davo
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:26:27 +0100

hello all,

I'm having a bit of a mare....I'm trying to create a 'game' in which players input details ( eg name, fave colour etc) at the beginning which are then placed into text fields within a story, making it personalized.

The problems i have is:

I believe the text fields need to have a predetermined size. If i make this, say, 8 characters and the player only inputs four characters, when the text is output to the story there is a big space after the word.

I need the output text field to be the length of the word and for the static text (the story) to continue on from the end and wrap down the page.

I explained this pretty badly i think....I've done an example of what my problem is at


check it out...it looks awful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....or if it's impossible i'd be better to know now.


ps.i'm working in flash 4 at the mo but can work in flash 5 if it will help.

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  Re: FLASH: output textfield size, Randy Kato

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