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Subject: FLASH: OT - Video capture, editing & output
From: Mark Tagliaferro
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:42:18 +0100

Sorry for the OT, but it seems that a lot of people here have considerable
experience on the subject, so I thought I would ask. I have a Mac G4/450
and a Sony Hi8 TRV99 camcorder. I want to be able to capture video, edit it
on the G4 and send back to Hi8.

The G4 has two firewire ports. The camera has one S-video (input/output) as
well as left & right audio. It also has composite, but I'm not interested
in using that.

Sony has a product called a media converter that will supposedly convert the
signal from S-video to firewire and back. Does it make sense to use
something like that or are there other technologies?

I'm also looking for a recommendation for editing software. Adobe Premiere
and Apple Final Cut Pro are the only one's I am familiar with. But i have
no experience with either.

I'm really hoping someone could advise me on what would be the most sensible
approach. Feel free to email me off list

Mark Tagliaferro
markatspaceshot [dot] com

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