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Subject: Re: FLASH: Crashing on publish - Flash 5
From: John Dowdell
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 20:23:36 +0100

At 8:27 AM 9/28/0, Chris Mason wrote:
>We're having a problem with Flash 5 crashing when we publish - not
>everytime, but often enough that it is a serious problem. I've scanned the
>tech notes and I don't see anything about it, anyone else have the same

There aren't outstanding reports along those general lines, but I'd like to
learn how to make it happen too, thanks.

A lot may depend on whether this is one-or-all-formats that you're
publishing to, with one-or-all-setings... the one-or-all-movies test could
help show if particular content is necessary for the problem... then
there's a potential set of machine-specific issues that could produce a
similar problem too.

If there's anything in the application that needs to change then it would
be great to forward a steps-to-repro to engineering, but there may be a
simpler way to achieve the goals... do you see a problem traced down to any
particular publishing format, with any particular content, on any
particular computer...?


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