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Subject: Re: FLASH: Function Deprecated
From: John Dowdell
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 20:27:28 +0100

At 11:32 AM 9/28/0, EchoDotCom Designs. wrote:
> Does this mean that later versions of flash will not have
> the functions the book labels as deprecated?

When something is deprecated, support isn't usually immediately removed...
you'll note that the old "Tell Target" still generally works.

Going into the future, though, design and testing time won't be devoted to
deprecated features... they may work for awhile, but I wouldn't plan on
them being as reliable as actual documented, supported, and recommended

(Why is TellTarget deprecated? Because the scripting model in SWF is now
ECMAScript, the defined form of JavaScript. There are different ways to
address objects in ECMAScript. TellTarget still works, but direct
addressing and "with" are the ways to go these days.)


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