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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash Player 5 download problems
From: Bradshaw, Brian
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 21:50:17 +0100

So far, not really. The problem is on Windows 95. I am using the
externalEvent call in Shockwave. I'm wondering if there is a library or
utility file of some sort that just doesn;t work quite right with Shockwave.

Individually both the shockwave ap and the Flash app work perfectly. I have
just lost the external communucation ability from Shockwave. Installing the
Flash 5 player is the only thing I did to alter any elements of the browser.

The Hawaii demo seems to mostly work. Is it Shockwave and Flash?



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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash Player 5 download problems

At 12:39 PM 9/29/0, Bradshaw, Brian wrote:
> Yesterday I downloaded the Flash 5 player from MM's web site. Now,
> in IE 4, 5, and 5.5 My Shockwave movies can no longer trigger
> VBscript, or Javascript events to access my Flash movie.

Hmm... an installation of the Macromedia Flash Player 5 should not affect
Shockwave movies in any way.

I don't know the platform, but script/object intercommunication will
definitely not work in Mac versions of the Microsoft browsers.

For "Does the Macromedia Flash Player 5 support FSCommand and JavaScript
API work same as before?" then yes, it does... you might consider testing
your browser with the Hawaii demo on the CD to see if it still works. John
Croteau maintains a copy of this online, at:

Are any of these confirmations of help in figuring the situation there...?


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