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Subject: RE: FLASH: OT - Video capture, editing & output
From: eli
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 21:59:48 +0100

I would avoid editing analog on a G4. It's like
buying an SUV to cruise the suburbs. Any investment
you make on analog is money you could have spent on
getting the most out of your G4.

I'd get a copy of finalcutpro and the sony converter
box. Wiredinc has a box called firewired that does
the same as the sony box (
http://www.wiredinc.com/firewired.html ). It lets you
go digital back to analog with an S-video or RCA
cable. I don't know if the sony one does that.

EditDV is good software, and there is a cuts only
version available for free download at

The most useful website for this type of info is

I would also consider imovie a decent editing tool
that a creative person can rip apart and make great
things with. And it's free too from apple.

Finalcutpro is the best and purrs like a kitten on a
G4. You may also consider getting extra internal IDE
drives for your G4. I suggest 27gig+ IBM deskstars.
www.gogocity.com had great prices last time I ordered
some. Yoy can fit two extra drives internally if you
buy an IDE expansion card from ww.vsttech.com . And
lastly, you'll really want some RAM for editing. I
would say 192 is good, 256 is better. 2-pop has
threads for pricing, deals, configurations and all

Hope this helps!


Good points made below.

I'd also reccomend checking out EditDV from Digital
Origin. It's a
package and gives you more then enough power to meet
all your needs.

Charles Chapman
Web Solutions Manager
Telco Systems, Inc.
A BATM Company

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From: Sohrab Pirayesh [sohrabat2mtc [dot] com (mailto:sohrabat2mtc [dot] com)]
Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 10:42 AM
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Subject: Re: FLASH: OT - Video capture, editing &

Your getting into tough territory.

Hi8 is an anolog format, the 1394(apple calls it
firewire, sony calls
i.link) port imports digital information. its meant
for cameras that
in DV or in D8. You have three options

-import anolog ( for this you have to buy an
anolog capture card
your mac which can be rather expensive, check out
http://www.miro.com/start.asp )
-buy the sony converter, convert your footage to
dv, edit it,
convert it
back to anolog and send it back to your camera.
-buy a DV or D8 camera and reshoot your footage

These are all pretty expensive solutions, but those
are the only ones
come to mind. About editing software, use apple's
final cut pro, it was
designed to work on teh G4, so it will be more stable
and more powerful


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From: "Mark Tagliaferro" <markatspaceshot [dot] com>
To: <flasheratchinwag [dot] com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 3:05 PM
Subject: FLASH: OT - Video capture, editing & output

> Sorry for the OT, but it seems that a lot of people
here have
> experience on the subject, so I thought I would ask.
I have a Mac
> and a Sony Hi8 TRV99 camcorder. I want to be able
to capture video,
> on the G4 and send back to Hi8.
> The G4 has two firewire ports. The camera has one
> well as left & right audio. It also has composite,
but I'm not
> in using that.
> Sony has a product called a media converter that
will supposedly
> signal from S-video to firewire and back. Does it
make sense to use
> something like that or are there other technologies?
> I'm also looking for a recommendation for editing
software. Adobe
> and Apple Final Cut Pro are the only one's I am
familiar with. But i
> no experience with either.
> I'm really hoping someone could advise me on what
would be the most
> approach. Feel free to email me off list
> Mark Tagliaferro
> markatspaceshot [dot] com

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