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Subject: Re: FLASH: Symbol use and Filesize
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:31:32 +0100

I'm not positive what's being sought, but for "What do 'Frame Bytes' do?"
then this measures the number of instructions to describe media and display
instructions for that frame.

This can be affected by the display of new elements on screen, and would
also be affected by the number of instructions needed to describe a symbol
built up of other symbols... even though your symbol named "Base square 2"
may be described in the early part of the file, each subsequent meta-symbol
would need to be describe how to use iterations of this symbol primitive to
make the new symbol.

(gosh, that was gnarly, let me try again... it make take 36 bytes to
describe a square as a symbol. If a new symbol named "asteroid graphic" is
made up of several instances of this square, then you wouldn't need to
describe new geometry, true... the file *would* need to describe where to
position each of these symbol instances, whether to apply rotation or
resizing or effects to it, etc.)

Maybe another way of looking at it: A symbol which is made up of other
symbols may not need to describe raw geometry, but it would still need to
describe the symbols which make it up, and this description could be tiny
or large, depending on the content.

Then again, you could be seeing something else entirely too. ;-) But might
the above background help resolve what you're seeing in that example...?


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